Privacy Statement for Conservation Enterprises Pty Ltd (including trading entities "Deliberate Impact" and "Conservation Enterprises Unlimited")

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We are committed to providing you with a professional and reassuring interaction with us, be it in person or via the web. We respect your right to privacy and have developed this Privacy Statement to inform you about our privacy practices for our websites and other electronic communications and about our privacy practices in general.

Questions regarding this Privacy Statement should be directed to privacy="@" ( Please remove the =" characters before emailing and include the term "Privacy Statement" in the subject line of your e-mail to avoid your email being filtered out by our spam filters.)

Whether you are a customer of our various products and services or a visitor to any of our group of websites, we assure you that we do not collect personal information from you unless you choose to provide it to us.

If you elect to e-mail us either through the links on our websites, or via e-mail that you initiate using any of the email addresses we operate, or via other modes of communication offered on our website(s) or otherwise used by you, you may be asked to or choose to provide certain personal information such as your name, address, telephone number and other information pertaining to you as a business, as a current or potential customer or as a network colleague. We ask for this information for the limited purposes of enabling us to respond to your communication approach and to provide services such as those described on our websites including transactions, advice, information and other valid business activities.

We do not provide or sell any information about our customers or site visitors to anyone not involved in the direct provision of Conservation Enterprises Unlimited's services or the services of our related companies . If we are approached by third parties seeking to make contact with any of our existing or past clients or network colleagues, we may at our discretion and if we believe such contact would be of benefit to you and consistent with our networking model, contact you personally and provide you with an option to receive their contact information.

Our sites may from time to time contain links to other sites outside the Conservation Enterprises Pty Ltd group of websites. Please be aware that Conservation Enterprises Pty Ltd is not responsible for the privacy practices, privacy statements, or content associated with these other sites. All Conservation Enterprises Pty Ltd websites can be identified from their content, which contains explicit reference to our ownership and operation of the website regardless of its name or the particular project, product or program it describes. Each of our websites contains an exact copy of this Privacy Statement and this should be used by you to verify that the website you are viewing is, or is not, a website we manage for legitimate business purposes.

Privacy Policy Enforcement
If you feel that we are violating this Privacy Statement in any way, please contact us at privacy="@" Please remove the =" characters before emailing and include the term "Privacy Statement" in the subject line of your e-mail to avoid being filtered out. Any email including the term Privacy Statement is automatically forwarded to our Executive Director whose responsibility it is to handle any complaints about breaches of this policy, and about personal information handling practices in general.

We will only gather Personal Information from you with your knowledge and consent
We do not collect any personal information from a visitor to our site unless that visitor explicitly and intentionally provides it. Under no circumstances do we collect any personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership or health. If you are simply browsing our site, we do not gather any personal information about you whatsoever.

There are two ways in which you may explicitly and intentionally provide us with and consent to our collection of certain personal information:
1. By emailing us a request for information, or other similar services
We use links throughout our sites to provide you with opportunities to contact us via e-mail to ask questions, request information and materials, register or sign up for guides or seminars, or provide comments and suggestions. You may also be offered the opportunity to have one of our representatives contact you personally to provide additional information about our products or services. To do so, we may request additional personal information from you, such as your name and telephone number, to help us satisfy your request.

2. By making a product purchase
If you choose to purchase a product from one of our websites, we will request certain information from you. Depending on the type of product or service that you request, you may be asked to provide different personal information. For certain products and services, we may require your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, credit card number, bank account information or IP address. Other products and services may require different or supplemental information from you in order to apply. For a detailed listing of the type of personal information requested for our various products, please refer to the enrolment page for the particular product or service.

We operate a group of websites and referral domains
At the time of publication of this Privacy Statement, the Conservation Enterprises Unlimited group of websites consists of the following websites and referral domains: (referral domain) (referral domain) (referral domain)
Each of these domains can hold more than one web page and your user experience may involve viewing multiple pages with a domain.

Should any websites or referral domains be added to or removed from our groups of websites we will update this privacy statement to reflect this.

A referral domain is a URL (website address) whose sole function is to automatically direct your browser to another URL. We use referral domains to refer your browser to our websites. For example, can be accessed by typing either directly into your browser's address bar, or by typing into your browser's address bar and waiting for your browser to be referred to Our referral domains are subject to the same Privacy Policy as our other websites and collect no personal information about you whatsoever.

We collect statistical information when you visit
When you visit our site, the computers we use to serve content to your browser are configured to automatically collect statistics about your visit. Commonly used analytic scripts are also placed in our web pages and these enable us to collect statistical, geographic and other anonymous information about your visit. This information does not identify you personally, but rather records information about each visit to any of our sites. We regularly monitor statistics such as how many people visit our site, the visitor's IP address, which pages people visit, from which domains our visitors come (including our referral domains) and which browsers people use. We use these statistics about your visit for aggregation purposes only. These statistics are also used to help us improve the performance of our Web sites and the quality of your experience in using our websites.

We make use of Cookies
A "cookie" is a piece of information that our website sends to your browser, which then stores this information on your system. If a cookie is used, our site will be able to "remember" information about you and your preferences either until you exit your current browser window (if the cookie is temporary) or until you disable or delete the cookie. Many users prefer to use cookies in order to help them navigate a website as seamlessly as possible. You should be aware that cookies contain no more information than you volunteer, and they are not able to "invade" your hard drive and return to the sender with personal or other information from your computer. If you choose not to accept a cookie, you will still be able to use any of our websites.

We may use cookies when you visit our website and request documentation or a response from us. When you are filling out a form you may be given the option of having our web site deliver a cookie to your local hard drive. This type of cookie is stored on your computer, although you can always delete or disable it through your browser preferences at any time. You might choose to receive this type of cookie in order to save time in filling out forms and/or revisiting our Web site. We only send this type of cookie to your browser when you have checked a box labeled "Please remember my profile information" (or similar wording) when submitting information or communicating with us. Even if you choose to receive this type of cookie, you can always set your browser to notify you when you receive any cookie, giving you the chance to decide whether to accept it in each situation in which one is sent.

You can find more information about cookies for your web browser at the following sites:
For Microsoft Internet Explorer:
For Netscape Navigator:
For Mozilla Firefox:
If you use a browser not listed above, please refer to its FAQ or similar page to learn about how cookies are used by your browser.
How We Use and With Whom We Share the Information We Gather
Any information we gather from you is used by us in 3 ways only as explained below.
1. To send you responses and updates and for general business communication purposes
We generally respond to any e-mail questions, requests for product or service information, and other inquiries that we receive. We may also retain this correspondence to improve our products, services, and Web site, and for other disclosed purposes. Frequently we retain contact information so that we can send individuals updates or other important information about our services and products. We assure you that any such updates or other important information will never be sent out by third parties on our behalf.

2. To facilitate the support, renewal, and purchase of our products and services
We may use the information you choose to provide to us to contact you to discuss the support, renewal, purchase and performance evaluation of our products and services. We may also provide the information you have submitted to us to a Conservation Enterprises Unlimited Network Partner, who may contact you and facilitate the support, renewal, purchase and performance evaluation of our products and services. To find out the names and locations of any Network Partners to whom we have provided your information, please contact us at privacy="@" Please remove the =" characters before emailing and include the term "Privacy Statement" in the Subject line (this will avoid your email being filtered out by our spam filters).

3. To process payments
If you choose to purchase any products through our group of websites or directly from us, we may provide your personal or business information to relevant financial institutions, payment processors, postal or courier services or other third parties whose involvement in the transaction process is necessary to ensure a secure and successful transaction. For financial institutions and processors, the use of personally identifiable consumer information is governed by federal and state privacy laws. For other third parties under contract with Conservation Enterprises Unlimited, the use and distribution of your personal information will be used by those third parties for their internal use related to fulfilling the transaction services for Conservation Enterprises Unlimited, will be treated as confidential by those entities, and will be transferred between us and any such entity only via secure means.

Disclosures required by law
If we are required by law to disclose certain information to local, state, federal, national or international government or law enforcement authorities, we will do so.

From time-to-time we may request information from our established customers and/or our networks of colleagues via surveys. Participation in these surveys is always completely voluntary and the user therefore has a choice whether or not to disclose this information. Any survey information you may choose to provide to us will be used for purposes of monitoring or improving the use of and satisfaction with this Web site, and improving our customer service and product offerings.

You can Opt-Out of Notifications
From time-to-time, we notify our established customers and/or our networks of colleagues of new products, announcements, upgrades and updates. If you would like to opt-out of being notified, please contact us at privacy="@" Please remove the =" characters before emailing and include the term "Privacy Statement" in the Subject line (this will avoid your email being filtered out by our spam filters).

You Can Update or Correct Your Information
If you would like to update or correct any information in our records, please contact us via e-mail at privacy="@" Please remove the =" characters before emailing and include the term "Privacy Statement" in the Subject line (this will avoid your email being filtered out by our spam filters).

We retain and destroy information
In general we retain records in relation to your use of our products or website for at least 5 years after the date you purchased our products or services. These records will include any personal information you have provided to us. In some circumstances, we may retain those records for a longer period of time if there is a valid business reason for doing so. We will at your written request remove or destroy all records older than 5 years from our files. To make such a request, please contact us via e-mail at privacy="@", removing the =" characters before emailing and including the term "Privacy Statement" in the Subject line (this will avoid your email being filtered out by our spam filters).

How we remove and destroy records
We employ the following practices as appropriate to remove and destroy records as described in this Privacy Statement:
* For paper based records: diamond-cut shredding or secure destruction;
* For re-writable storage media: erasure of information from target media, digital "recycle bins" and backup systems;
* For non-rewritable storage media: physical destruction.

This Privacy Statement may change
If a material change is made to this Privacy Statement and/or the way we use our customers' personally identifiable information we will post prominent notice of the nature of such change on the first lines of this Privacy Statement.

We exist both physically and legally
The physical and mailing address of our registered office in Australia is:

Conservation Enterprises Pty Ltd
C/- Patrick Rowan & Associates
Brougham Street
Victoria 3220

Conservation Enterprises is a privately owned Australian company. Our ACN (Australian Company Number) is 137 960 055.

You can find further details and independently verify our status, ownership and directorship via the Australian Government ABN/ACN Lookup page:

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